4 Important Steps of Planning an Office Renovation

It is good idea to upgrade your workspace periodically to give it a fresh look and ensure that it offers a broad appeal. However, when it’s time to renovate, you must make sure that you have a comprehensive plan in place before any work begins. iRemodel Commercial Construction has put together a list to help you with your office renovation planning so that your project is successful.

Define the Parameters of the Project

Before you start your project, you should list out your goals and the time in which you want the project to be completed. Making a list of goals that you want to reach and putting them in order according to their importance will help you focus your efforts. Depending on your total budget and time available, you should plan out renovations that can realistically be completed. By creating a list, you can choose which projects you can afford and focus your time on those first.

Think About Your Upgrades

Before settling on customized upgrades for your office, there are some factors things that you should keep in mind. Think about your current office setup, the type of work that is performed in the space, and if you deal with clients or customers directly. For offices that are client-centric, it is important to ensure that your upgrades cater to their needs. It is also important to think about what changes may benefit your employees. The colour choices, layout, and even the sectioning of your office can play a big role in boosting productivity. Any changes you make should improve the atmosphere and efficiency of your existing space.

Secure Reliable Contractors

To get the best results with your renovation project, you need to hire superior contractors. It is important to take your time and research companies and contractors alike that you plan on using. Choosing the right provider for each part of your project will increase your chances of success. Alternatively, you can hire one experienced company to handle all of the details on your behalf, such as the team here at iRemodel Commercial Construction. Make sure to get quotes for your project, and choose the company that offers affordable rates and the skills needed to get the job done.

Check references and double-check their certifications. Commercial and office renovations are very different than residential renovations, including the permits and expertise needed to complete the job correctly. During your interviews, ask about their specialties, past projects similar to your own, and about their plans for issues that may arise during the project.

Plan for Challenges

As meticulous as you may be about planning, no project ever survives contact with the real world 100%. Even though hurdles and setbacks are expected, you can plan for them in advance. Understanding the scope of the project, what is involved in completing the upgrades, and what can go wrong can help you form a workable contingency plan. Pad your budget with at least 15% wiggle room so that you can afford to make changes or corrections when problems arise. Planning for challenges, such as delays, style changes and material substitutions will allow you to address them quickly and effortlessly.

How iRemodel Commercial Construction Can Help

Now that you know how to plan for your Toronto office renovation project, the next step is getting started. If you are ready to upgrade your office, give us a call at (416) 477-1070 to find out more about our incredible rates and services.

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