What You Need to Know for Your Next Dental Office Renovation

At one point or another, sometime during a dentist’s career, there will come a time when their dental office needs a renovation. Making sure the overall appearance is pleasing, comforting, and functional is the most important thing for the business. This can be accomplished with a simple renovation or a completely new development. When broaching this topic, it requires caution and care from the owners of the dental clinic. We here at iRemodel Commercial Construction are here to talk about what you need to know about dental office renovations 

General Rules for Dental Offices 

A general rule of thumb when dealing with dental offices is to make the main goal of creating a professional environment that is inviting, highly functional, and pleasant. Both clients and staff need to feel comfortable in this space. Even though there are some trends that seem appealing, you need to consider how once you renovate, mostly everything is going to stay the same for a long time. Remember that the purpose of a renovation is to be a long-term endeavor. You will not want to be renovating every few years due to the additional expenses, not to mention the disruption it causes to the patients and staff alike.  

For an office to keep in good condition for as long as possible, you will need to select good quality materials and finishing. Before dental office surfaces lose their durability and appearance, the usual lifespan is about 10 years.  

The Importance of Colour 

Colour is a very important factor when trying to maximize the lifespan of these kinds of things. You are going to need something that is very versatile. Commonly, dentists tend to lean towards neutral colours for things like surfaces and walls. This is beneficial, especially for surfaces that are harder to change and are expensive. Easy to change and cheaper items can be brighter colours that are in time with the trends. Countertops and cabinets are another animal due to their colour and materials. Replacing these items is very difficult because of things like the connected sinks, electrical wires, and faucets. So, when you are deciding on these things, plan for them to be a permanent fixture. But, for things like walls and painting them, this is easier to update and more cost effective. You are going to want to pick quality finish materials so that you can get the longest life out of them and make sure that the cost of maintenance is lower.  

For every dental practice, a renovation is going to be the largest investment. We would suggest that in order to save on continuous renovation expenses, when planning and designing the office, make long-term decisions.  

How We Can Help You with Your Next Dental Office Renovation 

One of our many specialties is Dental Office Renovations in Toronto. Our team at iRemodel Commercial Construction can help transform your dental office into a highly functioning, inviting, pleasant professional environment with all the best materials that will last a long time. Give us a call at (416) 477-1070 to have a consultation with one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable team members.