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Epoxy flooring systems are the perfect way to bring life to old concrete flooring and designate specific walkways. Commercial locations that are interested in setting their interiors apart can also enjoy several unique benefits that come with classic epoxy floor coating.

In addition to adding a professional touch to your commercial space, epoxy is resistant to most chemicals, abrasions, and is waterproof. There is no limit to the colour and design options you can choose from, which makes adding long-lasting, decorative finishes to your industrial or commercial space a breeze. If you are interested in adding epoxy flooring to your Toronto commercial or industrial location, iRemodel Commercial Construction is here to help.

The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

  • Long-Lasting – When it comes to flooring, you want to use a material that will last for years, or even decades before it needs to be replaced. It offers high wear resistance over the entire life of the floor. Wear-resistant epoxy floors can stand up to high amounts of both mechanical and foot traffic, in addition to regular commercial cleaning products.
  • Seamless – Epoxy flooring is laid without seams, joints, and ridges. This makes the floor into a part of the building’s basic structure. Poured-in-place flooring and weldless flooring are just different names for seamless epoxy floors.
  • Easy to Care For – It helps to prevent the absorption of dust, grime, and debris, which makes cleanup much easier than other surfaces. Also, the lack of joints on the surface means there are no areas for dirt and grime to get trapped.
  • Static control and conductivity – Certain industrial locations need specific types of floor to prevent the buildup of static charge. Regular epoxy flooring builds charge, but our ESD floors inhibits static electricity build-up and offers superior static control.
  • Chemical resistance – Chemicals can easily destroy a floor, but our chemical resistant epoxy flooring helps to protect your floors from corrosive elements, alkalis, acids, and other solvents.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Floors are intended to be functional, but there is no reason they can’t also be beautiful. With epoxy flooring, you can get the commercial durability you need, while also incorporating an attractive design for your showrooms and public areas. High gloss epoxy can also bring more light into your space with their reflective surfaces.

Who Is Epoxy Floor Coating Suitable For?

Epoxy Floor Installation IremodelThis kind of flooring is used in a wide assortment of commercial and industrial locations. Healthcare offices, such as hospitals and doctors’ offices, use them to help with infection control and hygiene. They are very durable, stain-resistant, and easy to sanitize. Pharmaceutical companies prefer epoxy flooring for the same reason. In addition to being hygienic, they are also impact and abrasion-resistant, which is important for high impact areas. Epoxy systems can also incorporate prefabricated curbs and seamless wall systems for any space.

Retail locations such as car dealerships and grocery stores use epoxy flooring to offer decorative touches while also protecting the floor from heavy traffic and harsh cleaning agents. Industrial locations, such as packaging plants, warehouses, and more, often use abrasion and impact-resistant epoxy flooring.

You will also notice that most educational institutions also employ epoxy installation. It helps to reduce noise, is highly durable, and easy to clean. Pretty much any building that needs flooring that can stand up to harsh or high traffic environments can benefit from the installation of an epoxy flooring system.

Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Installation in Toronto

Here at iRemodel Commercial Construction, we understand the need for professionally installed epoxy at an affordable rate. We offer a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail, medical and educational epoxy flooring solutions.

All of our installers are certified and have years of experience working with different types of buildings and epoxy flooring systems. We conduct a range of tests to determine what options would be best for your current space, and how to best move forward for a professional result.

For more information on our available epoxy flooring systems or to get a no-obligation consultation, give us a call at (416) 477-1070.