High-End Medical Office Construction & Renovation in Toronto

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Medical Office Construction Renovation Toronto

If you are looking to build or transform your medical office in Toronto, iRemodel Commercial Construction is here to serve. Creating well thought out treatment rooms, waiting areas, and efficient examination rooms are our specialty. We understand that your layout will greatly impact your practice, and we are here to help you maximize your space and create the tone you desire for your practice.

Create the Right Environment for Your Practice

Medical offices are generally places that fill patients with anxiety and can even be harsh on employees working in the same space. Creating an environment that is welcoming for your patients and that eases the workflow for your employees will help your practice become more successful.

Working with a commercial construction company such as iRemodel Commercial Construction will allow you to create an effective space on a budget you can afford. We have years of experience with local municipal building codes, health and safety regulations, time management, sensitive permits applications, and inspections. In addition, we work closely with our well-qualified designers and architects to help bring your dreams to life.

Your Medical Office Design, Done Your Way

If you are building a new medical building, remodelling your current space, or renovating to make some much-needed upgrades, specialized knowledge is critical for a successful project. Our team architect and designers will work closely with you to take your following needs into account:

  • Handicap accessibility
  • Integration of medical systems & software
  • Patient flow
  • Emergency eyewash & shower stations
  • Patient privacy
  • Space for equipment operation
  • Ergonomics
  • Specialty lighting and medical-grade exhaust fans
  • Efficient receptionist areas
  • Welcoming waiting rooms
  • Specialty floor coverings, wall coverings, and work surfaces made for easy sanitation
  • And much more

Modern Medical Designs

An efficient medical office is a safe medical office, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on design. Current trends blend the efficiency of a modern medical set up with beautiful aesthetic details that will enhance your patient and employee environment.

The reception area and waiting room not only reflect your style, but they are also the space that your patients first encounter. A natural blend of flexibility and style will create the perfect atmosphere to put your patients at ease while also presenting an aura of professional reliability.

Adding details like wider hallways, wheelchair accessibility ramps, and high-quality reception areas will ensure the needs of your patients and your employees are met. Consider adding wooden counters that can be accessed by those in a wheelchair and soft lighting that is welcoming and functional at the same time. You can also consider coffered ceilings and all-white cove moulding for your examination rooms to give a sense of professionalism while still making the space welcoming.

Regardless of which details you choose, working with a construction company that understands the ins and outs of specialized medical spaces will ensure that the needs of your practice are met while still retaining a unique sense of style.

High-End Medical Office Remodeling & Building

iRemodel Commercial Construction is here to help you bring your visions for your practice to life. Our skilled team of medical construction specialists will work with you to create an efficient space that makes your patients feel at ease without going over your budget. To find out more about how we can help, give us a call at (416) 477-1070 and schedule a consultation.