6 Common Commercial Construction Projects

In the construction world, there is a wide assortment of projects that can be completed. Different clientele have different commercial needs, which results in an infinite variety of commercial structures. While many aspects may be similar, there are nuances that only an experienced commercial construction company will understand. iRemodel Commercial Construction has put together a list of the six most common commercial projects of this decade.

Restaurants & Eateries

When it comes to dining establishments, a lot of research goes into restaurant chains. Corporations set forth specific guidelines that ensure conformity, which will help with brand management and continuity of service. Independent dining establishments are quite different in that they seek to create a unique experience for their customer base. In both styles, employee versatility and customer comfort are very important. During a restaurant construction project, local regulations will also be considered in order to create a safe structure and kitchen area that follow local building codes.

Office Buildings

Business office buildings have the largest range of differences among all commercial projects. They can be as simple as a small firm to a large hulking skyscraper that houses several businesses. Depending on the size of the building, this may mean different building plans for each internal space, all of which must adhere to local codes and regulations. Fire escapes, bathrooms, and emergency exits must also be factored into their construction.

Retail & Grocery Stores

Grocery stores and retail locations are built with the intention of high levels of foot traffic. The layout of these buildings should accommodate fluid movement and intuitive direction. The outside and the inside must also be visually appealing and welcoming to encourage consumer spending.

Lodging & Residential Facilities

Motels, hotels, and bed & breakfast locations are complex commercial projects that have several moving parts. Privacy and comfort are important for guests, but ease of access is also a key factor. Some locations may follow a basic template, while others may follow a different model that accommodates buildings on a massive scale. A customer’s ability to get their creature comforts with ease while also enjoying a night of peace and quiet is what often drives repeat visits. A commercial construction agency that understands how to integrate soundproofing is critical for success.

Industrial Buildings

Home base may be a posh office for many businesses, but the companies that handle manufacturing need industrial-strength buildings. These spaces will need to accommodate storage, commercial machines, heavy industrial equipment, and more. Some rooms may need to have high ceilings, while others may need thicker walls. The type of industry plays a big role in determining the type of construction that will need to be completed. Safety is always a concern in industrial buildings. The codes and regulations are often much stricter than in other types of commercial construction.

Medical Facilities

Clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals are always in demand, as are smaller medical facilities for animals. Ease of movement, life-saving equipment, waiting rooms, and recovery rooms are all included in this type of construction project. Accessibility for anyone who may visit these types of locations must be taken into account during the building process.

Choose Your Commercial Builder with Care

Choosing a commercial builder in Toronto is easier than you think. Simply look for one that has experience in your particular project and go from there. Here at iRemodel Commercial Construction, we offer a wide range of commercial building and renovation services. We have been serving the area for generations and hope to help you meet your branding goals through great construction. Give us a call at (416) 477-1070 to find out more.