Why the Design-Build Method Is So Beneficial

Building or renovating in two phases can be difficult and time-consuming. Thankfully, with the design-build method, you can employ a seamless solution to all of your construction projects. If you have never heard of the method, or if you don’t understand its benefits, iRemodel Commercial Construction is here to help.

Typical Construction Projects

The most common method of completing commercial projects is to have one company design the plans for the space and then hire a different company to implement those plans. As things have progressed, more business owners are using the design-build method, which has one company handle both aspects of the project.

Benefits of the Design-Build Model

There are many advantages to having one company handle everything from start to finish. Instead of managing two contracts and two companies, many complications are eliminated. There are no more delays when there is are discrepancies between the construction and the design. There is no longer an adversarial relationship between two companies that are working on the same project. Miscommunication is nearly eliminated with this method, which can keep your project on track, on schedule, and budget.

How Does The Design-Build Method Work?

The Design-Build method is based on hiring a single entity to complete the entire project. This company will handle the design, construction, consultation, permits, and everything else involved with the project. That means the business owner will have a single point of responsibility in dealing with their renovations or commercial construction. The company may delegate roles within their group, but the business owner will deal with one person representing the team and will have one contract.

Advantages of Hiring One Company for Your Commercial Project

A lot of innovation can be created by working with a single company. Designers and the construction crew will be able to work closely together to create custom solutions that meet the needs of the commercial construction client. Unplanned challenges can be met with creative thinking and quick reactions. In many cases, the team can even find more cost-effective ways to create the same aesthetic appeal in the original designs.

Since you are working with one company, there is less cost overall in the long run. While changes to the design may occur during the project, the delays will be minimal and there won’t be as many if any extra charges per change. For the same reasons, the project will be able to stay on track and schedule when the design team and the construction team are all in the same company. They can manage several projects at once and offer alternatives to the business owner without derailing the construction project.

Who Should Use This Method?

This is an effective method that can work for most industries and commercial locations. Of course, some projects may require an outside designer or architect due to scale or complexity. More than 50% of construction projects are currently completed using this method, and over 80% of military projects follow this model.

How We Can Help

Here at iRemodel Commercial Construction, we offer a seamless and unified approach to building projects. We understand the need for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and we always strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. To learn more about our Toronto commercial construction service, give us a call at (416) 477-1070 today.