A first impression is the most important signifier to gaining any possible business in the future. First impressions don’t just come with people, however.

Any type of building/commercial space also relies heavily on it’s first impressions. This is because a person will often make general assumptions about an area strictly based on the first things they see when they enter. 

Performing an office renovation is a perfect way to ensure that your space looks its best from the moment people walk in. The last thing you would want is for people to take one look and turn around for good! Luckily for you, we here at iRemodel Commercial have come up with some tips and tricks on how to design your office in a way that will give people good first impressions of your business/office. 

A Nice Looking Reception Area 

When you think of the first thing you look at when entering an office, chances are the reception desk will come to mind. This area acts as the central hub for all business information, but should also be organized and look good as well.  

When thinking about how to design this area in an effective way, try to put your mind into the person who is entering your office for the first time. How will they picture the way they do business with you? What feeling will be expressed first before any others? Consider the overall vibe that your reception space gives off. Is it one of comfort and welcoming nature, or that of closed offedness and lack of respect?  

At the end of the day, reception spaces should meet a sense of impactfulness and creativity. Subtle changes will go a long way when trying to design this area, such as an accented wall or a pretty wall decal. 

Proper Lighting Goes A Long Way 

One would assume that as long as you have enough lighting that nothing else should matter. It is important to know, however, that the type of lighting you use is extremely important as well. Natural light has been studied to show positive effects on people entering a commercial/business space. It is often associated with a healthy state of mind and happiness. 

If your office is dark or full of cold, harsh fluorescent lighting, then the overall mood that comes off of the people entering will be more negative and weary. Natural lighting is the best way to go, as it feels like a much more relaxing and open space to the client visiting. 

Use The Right Colours 

Using colour to your advantage is not anything new- colour theory has been around for years and has deemed itself as highly effective in influencing mood. Colour is especially important in an office setting, because many offices miss the idea of this important information and clients leave just as quickly as they entered. Some examples of colours and their common interpretations are listed below: 

  • Green: Often associated with balance. This is a good colour to encourage decision making, and weighing out the pros and cons of a certain situation or business deal. 
  • Blue: Known as an “analytical” colour; often seen as calculated and collected. This colour is a great idea for offices that focus on numbers and data, such as accountant or finance companies. 
  • Purple: The colour of experience and knowledge. This is the colour for intellectuals, and can be used well at a reception area to gain the trust of possible clientele.  

The materials you use are also significant in making a good first impression and giving off a specific energy when you enter the area. You should always match your materials with the general demographic of your business. This means that if you own a business catered to the millennial crowd, you should use earthy, natural materials such as wood and stainless steel.  

Why Choose Us 

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