Tips and Ideas for Your Office Renovation

Do you have an out of date office space that can use an upgrade? Maybe you are thinking about completing some long-overdue repairs and want to use your space more efficiently at the same time. Whatever your reasons, office renovations are a great way to improve the overall effectiveness of a space, encourage collaboration, promote productivity, and even improve the wellness of your staff. Office renovations affect the look of your location, and they positively affect your employees as well.

Working with a highly qualified commercial contractor will help you address your needs in a way that reflects the brand image you desire. From open-concept designs to lighting and fixture replacement, a commercial renovation contractor will handle it all. If you are stuck trying to figure out what you want to do with your space, these renovation ideas from iRemodel Commercial Construction are a great place to start. 

Glass Office Partitions

Cubicles were revolutionary when they were first introduced, but modern offices are no longer made up of the typical boxed-in maze. Instead of cubicles, glass partitions are the way to go if you want your employees to be more productive. Glass partitions let more sunlight into the space, which helps to reduce staff fatigue and boost workplace energy at the same time. Using frosted glass ensures that privacy is maintained without limiting the amount of light allowed in. It can also help cut down on costs by reducing the amount of artificial lighting needed in the room.

Activity-Based Working Design

Activity-based Environments are a blend of task-oriented spaces paired with an open office design. For example, you could have our contractor build semi-enclosed collaboration areas, enclosed conference rooms, and freestanding workstations that any employee can use.

Acoustic Panels

A great way to help manage the noise levels in boardrooms and offices is by installing acoustic panels in the ceiling and on the walls. This helps to get rid of the echo that can occur in commercial spaces. They will also help to reduce the noise that can occur in offices that have many employees. Acoustic panels can be customized to the space and needs of each facility in the office. Boardrooms benefit from the panels by blocking the background sound during teleconferencing and other forms of meetings.

Bring Your Office to Life with Color

White walls used to be the go-to choice for offices. While they are a classic option, white is simply boring. Modern trends play with colour theory and use it to improve the mood in an office with colour. Pops of colour can give a burst of energy, and soothing tones can create an atmosphere of calm and warmth. Make sure to choose furniture that matches, but also which offers comfort and efficiency. Switch up themes in each room to prevent monotony.

How We Can Help

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