5 Important Questions to Ask When Looking For a Commercial Contractor

The commercial construction sector is crowded with companies that are looking to offer clients their services. On that note, there are far fewer clients than there are construction companies making it difficult to sort out the good offers from the junk. If you are looking for the best commercial construction company for your project, there are a few things you should do.

iRemodel Commercial Construction suggests that you research your options, and once you narrow down your choices, ask these five important questions.

Ask About Previous Projects

Any reputable Toronto commercial construction company will be able to provide references and examples of their past work. This can be in the form of images on their website, directions to actual businesses in your local area, or even online reviews from past clients. While looking at past projects, make sure to verify the work and speak to those clients about their experience if possible.

What is Your Professional Background?

Sales pitches are created to draw you in, but companies that have a proven track record of quality services are more reliable. The lowest price is not always the best, and companies that bid on your project at the market rate likely understand just how much time and materials your project will cost. Construction companies that have unbelievable low rates are more likely to use untrained labor and lower-quality materials. Also, some companies may not offer the full complement of commercial construction services you will need to complete your project.

What Are Your Timelines for This Project?

Timelines are always an important part of any commercial renovation project. Any quality business should be able to give you a timeline from the start of the design process all the way to the end of the construction. While it is impossible to predict any changes or complications, a company should always build in a buffer that allows for unavoidable delays such as weather or permit approvals. You never want a company that is going to cut corners just to rush through a project. You also don’t want a company that will keep your space out of service for an extended time period.

Tell Me About Your Safety Record

Safety is critical on any commercial construction site. For the workers, your staff and you as well. Any good construction company will have a good record of safety, insurance, and licenses to make sure the job is done right. Workplace injuries can put your project behind and leave your business open for litigation. If a company is acting dodgy about giving out information about their safety record, it is best to walk away and avoid the risk.

Are Your Estimated Cost Fixed?

There is nothing worse than being hit with a bill twice the size of your expectations at the end of your project. Any qualified company will be able to give you an estimate that is very close to the final cost thanks to their experience and close supplier connections. Ask them about margins of error and if they will approve cost changes with you before moving ahead. Some price changes may be unavoidable if you make changes once the project is underway, but a company should always be able to come within a few hundred dollars of their estimate.

How iRemodel Commercial Construction Can Help

When working with a reliable Toronto medical office construction company, it can reduce the stress of any project. We have generations of experience in the commercial sector, and we are here to help. If you are ready to start your commercial renovation, or if you just want to get your questions answered, give us a call at (416) 477-1070 now.

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