Things to Consider When Opening a Second Restaurant

iRemodel Commercial Construction specializes in restaurant construction services and our team is here today to inform you everything you need to be aware of when contemplating opening another restaurant location. If your current restaurant location is successful and you would like to open another location, sometimes this process requires some risk, but in order to minimize your risk, you can answer the following questions below so that you can be confident in your decision and jump into it successfully. 

Is Now the Perfect Time to Open a New Location?

Ask yourself this question and think hard about it. Think about if you have the time and budget to pull off a project like this successfully. It’s important to remember that just because your restaurant’s sales are up this month, does not mean you should be making any rational decisions. Moving too fast could hurt your business more than help it. Take time and seek advice before you make your final decision.

Do I Have the Money to Do This?

Let’s get one thing straight, the new restaurant location should not get its funding off the first restaurants back. Instead, funding should come from outside investors or personal savings and there are a few reasons for this. The most important reason is that if the new location fails, it could put the original location out of business. As well, if you decide to share resources between the two, the quality of your first location could suffer and it could harm your restaurant’s reputation.

Can I Replicate My First Restaurant’s Success?

If your first restaurant has been a success, it’s time to think about why this is. Is it your secret sauce? Your exquisite menu? The dining experience you provide? Knowing the answer here will help you decide if you should try to recreate it in a new location. Keep in mind, opening in a new location will require some market research regarding how you will connect with this new audience. This means you might need to slightly adjust the atmosphere, menu items, and design ideas to match the new location.

How Will Opening a Second Be Different From the First?

You may have become an expert at your first restaurant but opening a second restaurant is a new ball game. This is an entirely new venture and teaming up with knowledgeable chefs, restaurant designers, consultants, and experienced managers will help make this opening process much smoother. Your second restaurant will need experienced staff to help lift it off the ground. After all, you will now have two sites to manage.

Who Should I Choose to Complete the Renovation?

Getting the right team on your side to help design and build your new restaurant location is extremely important to your restaurant’s success. That’s why hiring iRemodel Commercial Construction is the best choice you can make. Our Toronto restaurants renovation team is highly skilled in this industry and is committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you are interested in setting up a consultation, give our team a call today at (416) 477-1070.