Office Renovations Ideas for Those on a Budget

Most professionals spend an inordinate time in the office, so it is important the space is as inviting and comfortable. Offices that get regular traffic from clients should also be as welcoming as possible. The first impression a person gets when they see your business or office will greatly influence how people view your company. A space that has been recently renovated can improve the energy in the room, boost productivity, and increase morale overall.

Renovating a commercial space will usually take a significant investment, but with tips from iRemodel Commercial Construction, you can upgrade your office, even on a budget.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting the walls will always be the most cost-effective and affordable way to renovate an office or commercial location. Adding a new wall treatment or simply giving your office a fresh layer of paint can add energy to the area and uplift those working inside. You can get creative by using non-traditional colours, contrasting trim, or even by painting a mural over one of the walls.

Update Your Reception Area

There was a time when an overly large reception desk was in style, but trends have changed. Instead of a bulky desk that takes up half of the room, modernize the space with a smaller multi-functional desk.

Making Your Office COVID Compliant

The current pandemic has changed the way people gather, work, and do business. Office spaces are no longer wall to wall desk that cram as many people as possible into a room. Adjustments need to be made that allow for proper ventilation and social distancing within the building. To follow current regulations and make the most of your space, some creative renovation is in order. Get rid of details and furniture you don’t need and overhaul your layout to create an easier to clean and more open space.

Bring In More Natural Light

Lighting is one of the biggest expenses in a commercial location or office building. Most offices are closed off boxes illuminated with fluorescent lights. If you have any windows in your space, consider enlarging them to allow more natural light to filter in. Consider installing brand new windows, if possible, or even skylights if you have the right roof structure to support them. Not only will this let in more natural light, but it will improve morale and help your employees get more vitamin D.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors do much more than show you how you look. They can also be used to transform the look of the office space. Smaller offices look much larger when mirrors are strategically placed in certain areas. Also, they can be used to bring in more light when placed near or opposite the windows.

Update Your Storage

Offices gather clutter in the same way that your home does, and this can reduce your storage space dramatically. Clean your office regularly and make a point of decluttering your space at least once every season. This will help you maintain an ample amount of storage space while also reducing dust and other allergens. You can also install creative storage bins and shelving to make your storage area more efficient.

Let Us Help With Your Office Renovation

There are many ways to go about upgrading an office without overspending. With the creative suggestions from iRemodel Commercial Construction, you can upgrade the look of your space affordably. If you are interested in learning more about our Toronto business office renovation service, give us a call at (416) 477-1070 today.